About Bell & Holmes

Philip von Haussen, Bell & Holmes’ Managing Director, has an extensive background in research, company evaluation and innovation management, having conducted research in the field for the Max-Planck Society at the Institute for Innovation and Competition. His later experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship management at Fraunhofer Venture, responsible for spin-off and investment management at Europe’s largest applied research institution, allowed him to further refine his knowledge in the field of competition, technology-driven innovation, and research.

With several personal entrepreneurial projects under his belt, including leading an internationally funded start-up, Philip also has solid grounding in primary research, specifically in the M&A sector. Prior to co-founding Bell & Holmes in 2021, he gained invaluable experience as research lead in over 150 CDD research projects for the industry‘s household names including Big Three, Big Four and PEs, among others.

Philip pursued his studies at the two leading universities in Germany, studying aeronautical engineering at the Technical University Munich, and holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in international management from the LMU Munich, focusing on technology and innovation management, with thesis centring on strategic corporate venture capital investments.
At Bell & Holmes, Philip continues to leverage this unique blend of experience and academic insights to deliver continuous transformational results for Bell & Holmes and its clients alike.

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