A worldwide network of over 100 research consultants conducting interviews for you.

The Company

  • Founded in January 2021 (Founding team with the experience of 500+ supported CDD)
  • Over 1000 CDD, Red Flag and Strategy projects supported globally since incorporation, incl. projects for 30+ Big Three offices, as well as PEs and other major and boutique consultancies
  • A worldwide network of over 100 research consultants conducting interviews for you
  • 98% client retention rate and over 99% project success rate
  • 35+ languages, covering >140 countries in native languages
  • c. 50% of interviewers being alumni of top universities in their respective countries (incl. Ivy League, Oxbridge, Grandes Écoles, and German Excellence universities)
  • Interviewers with, on average, more than 1,5 years of project experience (single-digit churn rate p.a.)

Philip von Haussen, CEO & CO-Founder

Philip von Haussen, Bell & Holmes’ Managing Director, has an extensive background in research, company evaluation and innovation management, having conducted research in the field for the Max-Planck Society at the Institute for Innovation and Competition.

His later experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship management at Fraunhofer Venture, responsible for spin-off and investment management at Europe’s largest applied research institution, allowed him to further refine his knowledge in the field of competition, technology-driven innovation, and research.

With several personal entrepreneurial projects under his belt, including leading an internationally funded start-up, Philip also has solid grounding in primary research, specifically in the M&A sector. Prior to co-founding Bell & Holmes in 2021, he gained invaluable experience as research lead in over 150 CDD research projects for the industry’s household names including Big Three, Big Four and PEs, among others.

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