We are not an expert network, nor a survey provider.

We combine the best of both!

Do you require market insights directly from relevant market players and industry experts? You lack the manpower, language capabilities or time to solve it in-house, however, still want to base your decision on a broad and deep fundament of information?

Our unique and tailored approach at Bell & Holmes is the solution.

We specialize in and are committed to delivering first-hand primary market research insights for a wide array of industries on a global scale. Our team of more than 100 consultants covers over 20 languages in virtually every country of interest. We research & reach out to relevant parties to bring you insights from decision-makers, competitors, (potential) customers & market experts.

Uniquely positioned at the sweet spot between expert networks and mass survey providers.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to reach beyond traditional expert networks to deliver a higher N of a good quality that overall gives a better picture of the market. Our unique positioning at the sweet spot between depth of expert networks and volume of mass survey providers, allows us to deliver a quantity and quality saving you time, money & capacity constraints.

Offering a Flexible & Scalable Approach.

At Bell & Holmes, we pride ourselves in delivering client-ready data & novel market insights that will put you at the forefront of decision making. Our flexible and scalable approach allows you to tailor your research efforts to the most efficient coverage, data significance & hypothesis testing.

Our team of consultants delves into quantitative and qualitative data such as NPS, KPCs & competitor benchmarking, market trends, customer journeys, switching behaviour, pricing, market sizing, segmentation & more.

At Bell & Holmes we do not just deliver results, we stand by them!

Our Approach vs. Standardized Mass Surveys

Unlike standardized surveys, you will gain a deeper understanding of the quantitative data, as we strive to provide you with additional insights and rationales. We do not only offer you the answer to “what?” but also to “why?”.

Our Approach vs. Expert Networks

You get up to 4x more interviews for the same budget as with an expert network, without being limited by the network’s contact database. We reach the current decision-makers in the companies instead of former ones, surpassing expert networks with real time market insights. Unlike expert networks that cover mainly mid to large corporations, our service reaches experts in all company sizes in every country, industry, and niche.


It takes us less than 48 hours, and sometimes as little as 12 hours, from your initial project inquiry to our support kicking off. We provide daily results and briefings, thereby delivering the first market insights within a 36-to-72-hour time window from your initial project inquiry.


Do you require insights from major markets such as the USA, France, UK, Germany, the Nordics, China, or in more niche markets? You don’t have the language capability, interviewing expertise or spare capacity in your team? Our team can cover over 130 countries in their respective mother tongues.


Our team has experience in all major industries and segments. By being specialized also in niche markets, we can provide you with insights for almost any product or service, from primary to quinary sectors of the economy.


Information sourcing is time-consuming. Conducting interviews yourself will bind resources that you could allocate more efficiently. Just provide us with an interview guide and allow for a daily 15-minute touchpoint with one of your team members. We will take care of the rest.


Projects are often dynamic & fast-paced, new hypotheses may need to be tested and other geographies could become more relevant. We can accommodate and adapt to such changes as required. Whether this involves altering the line of questioning, covering additional geographies or increase in team-size, we have got your back.

Reliable & Proven Track Record

With a 98% client retention rate and the experience of over 800 supported projects, ranging from commercial due diligence (CDD) as well as strategy, red flag and go-to-market analysis, we know how to cover markets.

Do you have a project where we might help?

After a 20-minute call, you will have a fixed price offer for your primary research support. One quick questionnaire is all it takes!

No project but better be prepared?

Get your 15 mins, non-committal introduction to our service. Simply connect with us and we will get back to you shortly.